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A really simple way for fans to RSVP to your upcoming releases. We noticed creators are always saying things like 'Streaming on Twitch Thursday @3pm' or 'Merch dropping next week' but fans always forget. We built drops to solve that problem.
You can create a drop in less than 30 seconds. Input your title, description, date etc. Fans can RSVP to the drop with their email or phone number.

When it 'drops', we’ll send fans a notification via email or text message so they don't forget.

You can also view your analytics, and use our messaging tools to communicate with fans before, during, and after the drop.
None! Just create a drop and share the link.
You can share your drop link anywhere that a link goes: Instagram Stories, Tweets, Facebook Posts, Reddit Threads, Email Newsletters, SMS lists and more. Once you start sharing it, ask your fans to tell their friends too!
Drops is completely free! At Laylo, we’re building tools to help creators identify, connect with and monetize their fans. Soon we’ll be launching premium features but Drops will always be free to use.

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