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The fun way for creators to connect with their audience and share their talents, earn revenue, and build community. 🎉
Creators create Drops to chat and create memories with their audience.
When the event starts, we'll send your fans a link via email.
Payments are processed and secured by Stripe.
Millions of companies of all sizes, such as Google, Amazon, and more, use Stripe to accept payments and send payouts.
It’s simple — you can use a phone or computer.
All Drops events take place over video chat, so you’ll need to make sure your device has:

  • A front-facing camera or webcam Microphone and speakers
  • A strong internet connection, preferably Wi-Fi
  • An up-to-date web browser, with camera and microphone permission
  • on iPhone or iPad, use Safari
  • on Android, use Chrome
Drops is completely free to use!
When you make sales, you keep 90% of the revenue and we get 10% to pay for servers, team and product :)

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