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Laylo's mission is to give artists and their teams the tools to grow, monetize, and engage their best fans. With technology that identifies superfans by organizing internet activity, our dashboard is able to deliver every creator their fans in realtime. Through our dashboard and enterprise API, Laylo provides artists and their teams a personalized and actionable fanbase platform.

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What We Do

We’ve got everything the music industry needs.

Engage & Grow your Fanbase

Find your biggest fans, grow your audience, track similar artist's fans, and find insights about brands, shows, movies, and artists that you should work with.

Track Everything Important

Easily monitor millions of sources daily including conversations, streaming links, videos, hashtags, event tags, and more.

Talk To Your Best Fans in One Place

We make it simple to respond to your fans in a simple interface that combines your social platforms. We’ll keep track of what you need to read and respond to and help save you time and effort.

Forward Looking Analytics

Realtime results on your internet buzz, sentiment, where your fans are (and the top ones in each country/city), gender, relevant hashtags and more.

Keep Up With Your Reach

We also find you the biggest trends on the internet that matter to you. If your song is blowing up on Twitter, your tour is being blasted across Instagram or you have a new superfans, we’ll make it easy to stay updated.

Realtime Fan Monitoring

Get live updates about your fans from the web, social media, and streaming services.

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